NHL Prospects Training Film {Video Clip}

Many of you know that at this time of year we’re immersed in filming weddings nearly every weekend. What some people may not know is that we also do work for corporate clients year-round.

A while ago we met Kai Heinonen who was (coincidentally enough) attending the wedding of Melissa + Kevin in Cuba.  Kai trains elite hockey players and prepares them for the NHL draft each year. He approached us a few months after we saw him at the wedding to do promotional videos for his training business and also to create individual clips which were meant to showcase the drive and passion of each of his star-prospects.  These players will be showing the clips we’ve created for them to NHL scouts at team training camps in the fall in order to further impress them and hopefully get a contract with an NHL team.

The first clip we have ready profiles Tyler McNeely who should have no problem landing himself a job after demonstrating how hard he trains!

~ Bruce

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